The 2001 RISE Scholars

Eleven RISE Scholarships were awarded in 2000/01.  The 2001 RISE Scholars are listed below, along with their home institutions and the institutions at which their awards were held. Ten of the students were also awarded NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, while the student at NRC was awarded an NRC Summer Studentship.  These awards are held concurrently with the RISE Scholarships.

  Raecca Cornejo
McMaster University

Antioxidant Mediation through Carbon-Centered Radicals

with Dr. Tito Scaiano, University of Ottawa

Jeremy Feist *
University of British Columbia


Excited State Dynamics of Thymine Using Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

with Dr. Glen Loppnow, University of Alberta


Photo not available

  Maya Haasz *
Concordia University

Asymmetric Induction In the Solid State Photochemistry of 4-(2t,3t-Dibenzoylcyclopropyl)benzoic acid

with Dr. John Scheffer, University of British Columbia

Lawrence Huck *
University of Victoria


The Chemistry of Transient Diarylgermylenes and Tetraaryldigermenes Generated by the Photolysis of 1,1-Diaryl-3,4-dimethylgermacyclopent-3-enes

with Dr. Willie Leigh, McMaster University

  Jesse Kao *
University of Alberta

Signalling Effects of Redox Proteins in Response to Oxidative Stress

with Dr. Ann English, Concordia University

Ivan Lee *
University of Toronto


Kinetic Studies of 1,3-bis(4-chlorophenyl)triazene

with Dr. Monica Barra, University of Waterloo

  Horace Luong **
Dalhousie University

Photo-polymerized Supported Lipid Bilayers

with Dr. Linda Johnston, National Research Council

Maeve Moriarty *
University of Ottawa


Kinetic Studies of Quinone Methides and Amines

with Dr. Bob McClelland, University of Toronto

  Jody Swift *
University of Saskatchewan

“Two Laser Experiments using p-Aminophenylthiyl Radicals as Probes for Supramolecular Systems

with Dr. Cornelia Bohne, University of Victoria

Erica Tiong *
University of British Columbia


b-Heterolysis: Analyzing a Pathway of Radical Cation Formation

with Dr. Fran Cozens, Dalhousie University

  Stephen Woods *
University of Waterloo

Photophysical Studies With Fluorescent DNA Minor Groove Binding Agents

with Dr. Ron Steer, University of Saskatchewan

*   RISE/NSERC Scholar
** NRC Summer Student

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