University of Calgary
Calgary, AB - August 25-26, 2006

The 11th Annual RISE Workshop was held on August 25-26, 2006 at the University of Calgary. The Workshop began on Friday evening with the traditional mixer, which was held in the Atrium of the Administration Building on the University of Calgary campus.  The two-hour gathering allowed the eleven 2006 RISE Scholars, faculty participants, Workshop organizers Jody Swift and Dave Cramb, and other guests to meet and get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with one another. The Workshop began at 8:15 a.m. the next morning, with a few opening remarks from Tito Scaiano and then the customary series of presentations from the students on the research they carried out during the summer.  Special guest Dr. Matthew Lukeman of Acadia University also gave a talk entitled "Carbanion-Mediated Photocages" describing his research on the development and characterization of photocages, molecules designed to fragment cleanly and with high efficiency upon photolysis to liberate a useful molecule that was originally linked to the photochemically active component of the caged molecule.  Technology of this type is of tremendous interest in medicine, where "caged" drugs (rendered biologically inactive due to the presence of the photo-active "protecting group") can be delivered to tissues and then released in situ upon irradiation.  The day wrapped up with an outstanding meal on the patio at The Eight Restaurant and Mercury Lounge in downtown Calgary.  The 2006 RISE Scholars were last seen wandering off in the direction of a local club, to continue winding down after the stimulating day.

The 2006 RISE Group owes special thanks to the Department of Chemistry and Dean of Science of the University of Calgary, and the University of Calgary's Catalyst Program for generous financial support, and Ms. Jody Swift of the University of Calgary (a former RISE Scholar herself) for her dedication and hard work in organizing the Workshop. 

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