The 2009 RISE Scholars

Fifteen RISE Scholarships were awarded in 2008/09.  The 2009 RISE Scholars are listed below, along with their home institutions and the institutions at which their awards were held. Several of the students were also awarded NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, while the student at NRC was awarded an NRC Summer Studentship.  These awards are held concurrently with the RISE Scholarships.

  Mihaela Ceausu
University of Toronto

Fluorescent Studies Towards the Application of Functionalized BODIPY Dyes as Metal Sensors

with Dr. Tito Scaiano, University of Ottawa

Alexander Fage
Acadia University


Two-Photon Excitation Photodynamic Therapy: Investigations with Chicken Embryos,
Multilamellar Vesicles, and Human Cancer Cell Lines

with Dr. David Cramb, University of Calgary

  Amani Farhat
University of Ottawa

Photochromic Reactivity of Dithienylethenes as Potential Membrane Disruptors

with Dr. Scott Murphy, University of Regina

Ben Fregeau *
McMaster University


Halo(Pyridinium)Carbenes: Electrophilic Reactive Intermediates

with Dr. Fran Cozens, Dalhousie University

  Adam Friedman
Queen's University


Initial Excited-State Structural Dynamics of 2’-deoxyadenosine

with Dr. Glen Loppnow, University of Alberta

Jack Guan **
McGill University

Dye partitioning and fluorescence resonance energy transfer in lipid bilayers

with Dr. Linda Johnston, National Research Council, Ottawa


  Carolyn Ladd *
University of Calgary


Absorption Studies of Co(H2O)62+ and Pressure-Dependent Luminescence Studies of [M(bpy)2Pt(SCN)4] Complexes

with Dr. Christian Reber, Université de Montréal

Kiana Lahring
University of Calgary

Preparation of Functionalized Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticles (MPGNs) for Fluorescent Probe Delivery via Photo-Induced Radical Ligand Cleavage

with Dr. Mark Workentin, University of Western Ontario

  Oliver MacLean 
University of British Columbia

E-mail: odm04w@gmailcom

Fundamental Studies of Carrier Aging

with Michelle Chrétien, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Robyn Porterfield
Concordia University

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and the Characterization of Phase-separated Films Doped with Nile Red

with Dr. Matthew Paige, University of Saskatchewan

  Hollis Roth *
University of Victoria


Single Molecule and Ensemble Fluorescence Studies on Polymerase Activity

with Dr. Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University

Jacqueline Schulman *
University of Western Ontario

Preparing for the Molecular Movie: Growing VO2 for Femtosecond Electron Diffraction

with Dr. Dwayne Miller, University of Toronto

  Joey Sheff *
University of Alberta


S K-edge XAS of S-N bonding in compounds with varying sulfur and nitrogen oxidation states

with Dr. Pierre Kennepohl, University of British Columbia

Gage Sonntag
University of Saskatchewan

Dynamics of Pyrene Incorporation into Octa-Acid Nanocapsules

with Dr. Cornelia Bohne, University of Victoria

  Dominica Wong
McMaster University


Investigation of substituent effects on the photodecarboxylation of phenylacetic acid in aqueous solution

with Dr. Matt Lukeman, Acadia University

*   RISE/NSERC Scholar
** NRC Summer Student
§ Alberta Heritage Fund Scholar

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