McGill University
Montreal QC - August 19-20, 2010

The 15th Annual RISE Workshop was held on August 19-20, 2010 at McGill University in Montreal. The Workshop began on Thursday evening with the traditional mixer, which was held in the Thompson House, the grad club at McGill.  The gathering allowed the twelve 2010 RISE Scholars, faculty participants, and other guests to meet and get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with one another. The Workshop began the next morning with a few opening remarks from Workshop host Gonzalo Cosa and an official welcome from the Chair of Chemistry at McGill, Prof. Bruce Lennox. This was followed by a series of presentations from the students on the research they carried out during the summer,  as a well as a presentation by Prof. David Harpp of the McGill Office for Science and Society, entitled "Outreach in the Chemistry Department". The day wrapped up with a wonderful meal at Le Caveau in downtown Montreal. 

The 2010 RISE Group owes special thanks to the Chemistry Department of McGill University, NSERC, CSACS/CRMAA, Micro Photon Devices, PicoQuant, OEC Optoelectronic Components, Olympus, Photon Technology International, Fisher Scientific, Perkin Elmer, and to Dr. Gonzalo Cosa for organizing the 2010 RISE Workshop. 

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