The 2011 RISE Scholars

The ten 2011 RISE Scholars are listed below, along with their home institutions and the institutions at which their awards were held. Six of the students were also awarded NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, while the student at NRC was awarded an NRC Summer Studentship.  These awards are held concurrently with the RISE Scholarships.

  Rosy Fournier *
University of Ottawa

Electronic Effects in N-HydroxySulfonamides: Understanding the Sulfur-Nitrogen Bond

with Dr. Pierre Kennepohl, University of British Columbia

Karissa Giraldi *
University of Alberta

Investigating the Structure and Photopolymerization Kinetics of a Mixed 10,12-Pentacosadiyonic Acid-Perfluorotetradecanoic Acid Monolayer Film

with Dr. Matthew Paige, University of Saskatchewan

  Richard Lincoln *
Acadia University

Meso-Functionalized Bodipy Dyes: Effect of C2 and C6 Substitution on Electrophilicity, Photostability and Excited State Energy Levels

with Dr. Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University

Marie Malone *
University of Victoria

Supported and Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles as Catalysts in the Wolff Rearrangement

with Dr. Tito Scaiano, University of Ottawa

  Spencer Pitre **
University of Prince Edward Island

Direct Incorporation of Short- and Long-Chain Caged Ceramide into Supported Lipid Bilayers

with Dr. Linda Johnston, Steacie Institute, National Research Council

Alex Radtke
University of British Columbia

Investigations of Metallophilic Interactions in Au and Ag Systems

with Dr. Christian Reber, Université de Montréal


  Laura Smith
McGill University

Stopped-flow Kinetic Studies of the Reactions of Tetramesityldigermene with Alcohols

with Dr. Willie Leigh, McMaster University

Cieran Tran *
University of Alberta

Spray-coat Application and Polymerization of Thiophene Polymers – A Dynamic Covalent Polymerization Approach

with Dr. Will Skene, Université de Montréal

  Luise Wolf
McMaster University

Investigating binding dynamics of guests with cucurbit[n]uril, n = 6,7

with Dr. Cornelia Bohne, University of Victoria

Polly Yu *
University of British Columbia

Hydrolytic Stability of Triesters

with Dr. Jordan Wosnick, Xerox Research Centre of Canada


*   RISE/NSERC Scholar
** NRC Summer Student

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