The 2012 RISE Scholars

The eight 2012 RISE Scholars are listed below, along with their home institutions and the institutions at which their awards were held. XXXX of the students were also awarded NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, while the student at NRC was awarded an NRC Summer Studentship.  These awards are held concurrently with the RISE Scholarships.

  Zach Arnott
McMaster University

Robust Solid Inks

with Dr. Michelle Chrétien, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Eliane Barras
University of Ottawa

Investigating Opioid Tolerance over Prolonged Exposure: Characterizing Quantum Dots as Labels for Mu-receptors

with Dr. David Cramb, University of Calgary

  Russel Goldberg
Concordia University

Low Power Up-Conversion in Mixed Dye-Polymer-Silver Nanoprism Films

with Dr. Matthew Paige, University of Saskatchewan

Tiffany Hua **
McGill University

Fluorescent Probe Orientations in Phosphatidylcholine Bilayers Using Polarized TIRFM

with Dr. Linda Johnston, Steacie Institute, National Research Council

  Nora Labbancz
McMaster University

Generation of Emissive Species via Nanoparticle Mediated Catalysis

with Dr. Tito Scaiano, University of Ottawa

Julian Sacher
University of Alberta

Modulation of Luminescence Using a Water-Soluble Hybrid System of Polymer Bound Photoswitches Encapsulating Nanoparticles

with Dr. Neil Branda, Simon Fraser University


  Joanne Tan
McMaster University

The Influence of Isocyanides on the Reactivity of Digermenes

with Dr. Kim Baines, Western University

Timothy Teoh
Simon Fraser University

Fluorogenic Antioxidants: Synthesis and Characterization

with Dr. Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University


*   RISE/NSERC Scholar
** NRC Summer Student

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