Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Mississauga ON - August 23-24, 2012

The 17th Annual RISE Conference was held on August 23-24 at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada in Mississauga, ON. The Conference began on Thursday evening with a reception at the Clarkson Pump in Mississauga, and then continued on Friday with presentations by the eight 2012 RISE Scholars on the research they carried out during the summer. The day wrapped up with a great dinner at The Rosewood Bistro.

The 2012 RISE Group owes special thanks to the Dean of Science and the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at McMaster University and the Xerox Research Centre of Canada for financial support, and to Dr. Michelle Chrétien (XRCC) and Professor Willie Leigh (McMaster University) for organizing the 2012 RISE Conference.

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