The University of Toronto
Toronto ON - August 20-21, 2014

The 19th Annual RISE Conference, brought together this year’s RISE Scholars from across Canada to share their summer research results on the campus of the University of Toronto. The one-day conference, held on August 21st, featured research talks spanning a range of areas, including polymer and materials photophysics, photoredox catalysis, main group bonding and reactivity, and the chemical behaviour of dyes. In addition to stellar talks by the nine 2014 RISE Scholars, the conference featured plenary lectures by 1986 Nobel Laureate Prof. John Polanyi ("Watching Molecules React at Surfaces, One Molecule at a Time") and Prof. Dwight Seferos ("Heavy Group 16 Chemistry in Polymers and Molecules"), both of the Chemistry Department at U of T. The conference concluded with a banquet at Adega Restaurant in downtown Toronto.

Front: Ryan Maar, Prof. Polanyi, Timur Karimov, Ellen Connelly, Orysia Meouch, Nicole Boyle, Nicole Arsenault; Back: Lawrence Wang, Wyatt Vive, Lee Brannen.

We thank the Department of Chemistry of the University of Toronto for its generous support of this year’s conference. We  especially thank Dr. Tihana Mirkovic of the U of T Chemistry Department for her enthusiastic and dedicated efforts in organizing this year's conference.

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