The University of Calgary
Calgary AB - August 20-21, 2015

The 20th Annual RISE Conference, brought together this year’s RISE Scholars from across Canada to share their summer research results on the campus of the University of Calgary. The one-day conference, held on August 21st, featured research talks spanning a range of areas, including polymer, molecular, and materials photophysics, photoredox catalysis, fluorescence microscopy, main group bonding and reactivity, and DNA photochemistry. In addition to stellar talks by the eleven 2015 RISE Scholars, the conference featured a keynote lecture by RISE co-founder Prof. Tito Scaiano ("From making a steel dice to photochemistry to watching a single molecule ... in just 58 years"). The day ended with a fabulous dinner at Saltlik, one of Calgary's finest restaurants.

We thank Prof. Belinda Heyne, (RISE alumnus) Nicolas Macia, and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Calgary for hosting this year’s conference. We also thank this year's conference sponsors - Swiftsure Foundation, the Department of Chemistry and Vice-President Research of the University of Calgary, the Organic and Inorganic Divisions of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, Alberta Sulfur Research Ltd., and the Calgary Section of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

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