University of Ottawa
August 28-29, 1998

The Third Annual RISE Workshop was held on August 28-29, 1998, at the University of Ottawa. The Workshop began on Friday evening with a seminar by Dr. Keith Ingold of the National Research Council of Canada. His talk, entitled "Radical Chemistry: from gas phase via automobile engine oils to in vivo", was a fascinating summary of his life's work on the chemistry of antioxidants, in particular Vitamin E. The next day began with a talk by the newest member of the group, Professor Ron Steer of the University of Saskatchewan, and was then followed by presentations by the 1998 RISE Scholars on their summer work. These were exceptional. The day ended (at least for the faculty) with dinner at The Canal Ritz, on the banks of the Rideau Canal.

Dr. Trevor Clarke of St. Jean Photochemicals and Dr. Roger Sinta of The Shipley Corporation, two of the RISE programme's industry sponsors, attended the Workshop as special guests. Several grad students and postdoctoral fellows from Ottawa and McMaster attended as well.

The 1998 RISE Group owes special thanks to the University of Ottawa for hosting the meeting and providing lunch on Saturday, and Ms. Anita Bouwman, who was responsible for much of the organization of the Workshop.


Friday August 28

4:00-5:00 pm Laboratory tours
5:00 pm
D'Iorio Rm 214
5:10 pm Dr. K.U. Ingold, National Research Council of Canada
"Radical Chemistry: from gas phase via automobile engine oils to in vivo"
6:00 pm
4th floor D'Iorio
7:30 pm RISE Business meeting (RISE faculty only)

Saturday August 29

9:00 am
D'Iorio 214
Dr. R.P. Steer
Electronic Excited States as Reactive Intermediates. The Role of Photophysics in Reaction Mechanisms
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:20 am Yatson Chu
Host/guest Photochemistry: Calixarenes as Reaction Media
10:40 am Sandra Rifai
11:00 am Alison Skelley
Investigation of the Dynamics of Xanthone and Xanthone Derivatives in Cyclodextrins
11:20 am Leslie Fradkin
b-Heterolysis of Phenoxy-substituted Radicals
11:40 pm Lunch (sponsored by the Faculty of Science, Univ. of Ottawa)
2:20 pm Jennifer Schmeisser
The Photochemistry of Arylmethylsilacyclobutanes
2:40 pm Nicolas Tetrault
Photochemistry of the Second Excited State of Substituted Azulenes
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:30 pm Nicole Deschamps
Measurement of Acid Diffusion in Thin Polymer Films Using Laser Flash Photolysis
3:50 pm Rohit Bose
Characterization of the Intermediates from Photolysis of 4-Azidostilbene
4:10 pm Athena Bennett
Electrostatic Effects on the Fluorescence Properties of Conformations of Tryptophan in Dipeptides
4:30 pm Photo Session
6:30 pm Dinner at The Canal Ritz

Sunday August 30

Tours of Ottawa with Univ. of Ottawa students

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